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The Community

Welcome to gracious_ladies. This is a christian challenge community dealing with everything that is beautiful, romantic and feminine. This community has been created for people who want to find a creative and peaceful place to praise the beauties God has given us. You will find various graphic challenges related to christian values and principles: motherhood, marriage, love, respect, nature, prayer, etc. There will be icon challenges but also banners, buttons, wallpapers and so on. They will feature stock photography, paintings, vintage films, flowers... Some challenges may also deal with literature, quotations or Scriptures. Of course, men are very welcome too, beauty and sweetness is not only a feminine quality. Please feel free to join us, everybody is welcome.

The Guidelines

1. Brushes, textures, text, blending..., and animations are allowed and welcome.
2. Don’t post your graphics anywhere else before the end of the challenge.
3. The submitted icons must fit the Livejournal standards (100x100px, or 40 kb and GIF, JPG, or PNG format). For the other graphics, there will be special rules for each particular challenge.
4. Upload your creations on a hosting site like "photobucket.com" and post them in a comment to the challenge post with both the image and the URL.
For example:


5. Don’t vote for yourself or ask someone else to vote for you. Let’s be fair. That's why the name or the title of your graphic must not contain your lj user name. The graphics must be anonymous.
6. All the comments will be screened until the end of the challenge or the voting.
7. Respect other people’s work and don’t use obscene or sexually explicit language.
8. If you would like to use one of the graphics, please ask the makers or comment in the entries.
9. Be creative and have a good time.
The Timeline

Icon challenges:

Submission: Monday-Saturday (midnight EST or approximatively around that time)
Voting: Saturday and Sunday
Winners: Monday

Graphic challenges:
Please, follow each challenge's rules.

Any question, remark, or suggestion, feel free to give you opinion here.
You may write in English, German or French.


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